Professional web design is a long-term investment
If your website isn’t working, It might be time to consider evaluating what your current web design is doing for your business. The investment should match your expected, or required, performance, so put some time into determining what you need your site to do for your business. Keep in mind that most websites don’t require any major changes for the first 3-5 years, incurring only small maintenance costs along the way.

In Level757 we have implemented various web applications – from HTML based web games through sophisticated management platforms and visualization of different types of information in various business sectors.
The common between all applications is that they must be adapted for different devices – desktop, tablet or smartphone. Large part of our job is to evaluate the applicability of UI / UX and adapt it to the requirements of the different mobile operating systems, maintaining various features for the different browsers, as well as optimization of the loading speed and performance of the Web applications.
We’ve been paying particular attention to various build systems lately, such as Grunt, Gulp and Yeoman. They are based on JavaScript, and fall within our competence.  We constantly learn how to apply the latest trends in developments with JavaScript and technologies such as Node.js, Cordova and others in our field. Due to the complexity and execution time, we approach each project differently. For standard web applications we increasingly use AngularJS, for the unconventional we apply classic design patterns for object-oriented JavaScript.

Our main goal at Level757 is to create a really good end product that satisfy the customers’ needs. At the same time the product shall provide necessary functionality, to satisfy the end user. And not least, we always strive to keep abreast with the latest technologies. We are currently developing several systems based in Java.
One of them is in the field of healthcare, prevention and monitoring of the human condition. Specific in this project is that the application must be secured so the information can be accessed only by authorized users. At the same time, the system must be flexible and fast in order to maintain a large number of users.
Another system we are developing currently, is intended to manage business in the field of logistics and compiling food menus. The system itself is consisted of two projects. The first manage our clients’ business, including everything from the meal order, to its delivery and billing. The other is created entirely for the end user. As part of the project, we developed a complexed system that can calculate the nutritional value of the finished dish, depending on the selected products and the method of their preparation.
Java-based projects we develop are mainly used by Enterprise and business customers. Most important for them is reliability, flexibility and speed.

Level757 began developing Android applications five years ago. Since then we develop apps for all current versions of Android, starting from 1.6 to latest versions Lollipop and Marshmallow.
Our main goal at Level757 is to create a really good end product that can satisfy the customers’ needs. At the same time the product shall provide necessary functionality, in order to satisfy the end user.
The applications we develop are aimed to serve the end user as well as the business users based in the hardware industry and / or maintain a set of tools for technicians. The most complicated part in the development of these applications is that they have to work at a 100% with the specified hardware without any discrepancies in the calculations.

The iOS projects at Level757 are extremely diverse in terms of technology used, people involved, duration of the project and business sector for which the application is designed.
In a projects are used the camera, sometimes the phone gyroscope, animations or other applications. We are a service oriented company and the average duration to complete a project is around 2 to 3 months. We encounter challenges mostly in the architecture of the application. This leads to diversity in technology, which experts chose to use and subsequently add to their expertise. We already use Swift in several projects, and the servers are mostly .NET and PHP.
The dynamic change of projects leads to continuous change of teams – for each project is formed a new team of iOS experts, and after completing the job, they join other teams and projects. Each iOS specialist is able to work with the rest on the team, get to know them and if it happen to encounter a difficulty, he can rely on his teammates. The applications that iOS specialists at Level757 develop, depend on our customer’s needs, and the business sectors from which they originate.

We are working on many different projects at Level757. We get to explore and enforce diversity of various technologies, platforms and work approach, not only read or learn about them theoretically, and this is one of the major advantages of this variety.
Work on a projects takes 3 to 4 months up to 1 to 2 years. There are several larger projects, which require more time. On them are working dedicated teams. Interesting projects are Single page applications, based entirely on services, which are written in MVC 5 and whose client part is fully AngularJS. At some point we can start writing with TypeScript, which will extend the capabilities of back-end programmers to write client code. We work on a project that was supposed to be for iPad only, but the team created it for the Web (with responsive design), by fully changing the structure and UX part. The team used the latest technologies – ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, SignalR, AngularJS for the new web app.
We are also working with Xamarin. If a customer request an application applicable for all three mobile platforms, we write it in Xamarin.

LAMP projects at Level757 are diverse in terms of purpose, size and technical specifications. Whenever a project permits, we strive to incorporate new technologies to it. We are currently working on projects using almost all popular and advanced Frameworks – Django, Symfony 1 and 2, Zend 1 and 2, Laravel, YII 1 and 2, CodeIgniter and Phalcon. This gives us the flexibility to choose appropriate solutions and architectures for new projects, not just use a technology that we’ve mastered. We have small projects that are relatively easy to implement, but we also have a lot of large projects that require maintaining a high load of users. In terms of user profiles, for which they are intended, projects are also very diverse. They are rather web-based systems than sites, different in size and purpose. Overall project duration vary. Some projects take 1 to 2 months to implement, others – 12 to 24 months.

The job of QA specialist at Level757 is interesting, since they are not restricted to operate only in mobile or only on web applications, neither are limited in terms of the business segment of the products. The variety of projects in the company improves their knowledge due to the encounter with new challenges every day and encourage them to find better solutions. We strive to include professionals who care about the quality of the product in each projects we work on.
Along with writing and placing tests, specialists at Level757 in automated testing, develop strategies, evaluate programs, optimize already existing systems and create various studies about the latest technologies.