We are passionate about two things – smooth communication and proper project management. As 16 years of experience have proved – this is the best attitude.


A crucial part of any new undertaking is the part of getting to know you and your business. We will first call you to shortly collect ideas of your goals and needs.
Thereafter, we will arrange an appointment with you, so we can further discuss concepts and designs, as well as deliberate on the objectives agenda. We will examine the directions we can take an estimate roughly what needs to be done in order to realize ours and your business’ full potential.


The design is the face, the look, and the show of your business. Prepare to be amazed! Our ingenious design team will display their ideas to you and won’t rest until your logo, facebook page, or website are perfect. This process is entertaining for both parties since you will be entitled to a direct role in it. Your guidance will be crucial, as we draw out a flawless image of your business’ appearance. The lively exchange of layouts and styles, as well as different schemes and sketches, is what makes the designing phase so enjoyable.

Mission meetingMISSION MEETING

After our explore phase, a more detailed meeting will be scheduled in your office or ours, to deepen our common business goals. We will present you with a clear-cut layout, which will be reviewed and discussed upon in this meeting. This plan will be defined and specifically prepared, to precisely meet your business needs. Furthermore, this meeting will be more pragmatic and constructive, allowing both sides to commence with all initial tasks and legitimately launch our project together.


Once the design is recognized, we will move onto developing your website. We will schedule a meeting to openly discuss what your business needs, in order to vividly define the exact layout and features of your website. We will connect your webpage to your facebook or any social media account you like, targeting different groups of users and easing the user experience, which results in more visitors and sales. You will be able to check upon the progress and evolution of your website at any time.


The integration of your assets into the market is an essential to any business expansion. Our experienced marketing and facebook advertisement team will ensure your content is displayed in the most flattering way, progressively attracting new leads and prospects. Whether you want to leave it all to us or have the say in what your content consists of, we will advertise videos, photos, graphs, texts and anything you wish. These will be purposeful and personalized on your business and it’s targeting. Not to mention, we will be your all time advisers, to help you with copywriting, strategy and organization of your content.


Even the most perfect development needs a final check before lift-off. Any last quality control and investigations follow the final phase of our project. You will be asked once again for guidance and review before we release your webpage online for all the world to see and enjoy. Congratulations! We made it together! Now your website has the full capacity to awe not just you, but all its visitors.