Our offer definitely includes logo design, and we have already created the logos for several companies from scratch.

Yes, it is absolutely possible. It is essential to your business that all current and potential clients have a positive experience from any device they might be using. We aim to achieve the same accessibility and benefits for mobile users because the tech industry’s digitization has shifted rapidly from desktop to mobile usage.

One of the options would be to use Responsive Web Design. If not applicable, a specifically developed mobile application would be the most suitable alternative. By improving and upgrading the mobile user experience, a full online optimization will be achieved. Furthermore, it will help target a broad majority of people, who have a fast-paced life. These will seek and choose the supplier, who delivers an online on-the-go solution over the investment of their free time to search for that one desired product.

Absolutely. The reason why your website has a small percentage of mobile traffic could be exactly the fact, that your website is not mobile/tablet optimized. The fastest way to lose traffic is to offer an unpleasant online experience. In order to grow and expand your business, we need to ensure all users are able to engage in utilizing your website, regardless of their device. Additionally, as already mentioned, digitization is spreading aggressively, which means that an absence of mobile traffic at this very moment, is not an indicator to build upon a firm prediction for the future.

Yes, we do! In our industrial world, it is essential to offer this impeccable development method, which covers a broad spectrum of devices – whether mobile, tablet or desktop. The more users we address, the greater chance of them sticking around.

This is highly dependant on the size of your project. We will clear it up in an initial phone call, allowing us to first get to know you and your business goals. You will most likely speak to Nick Krastev or another Project Manager from our team. Some of the questions he may ask you in that initial call might include:
• Do you have a website?
• If you currently have one, what needs improvement/what changes need to be undertaken?
• Is there something you would like to keep the same on your current website?
• Is there something you absolutely dislike about your website?
• Do you want to make your website trendier or would you like to add any new features to it?
• What is your budget?
• In which time range would you like to have your new website finished and launched?
Right after this introductory outlook on your wishes, we will send you an initial and personalized offer. Subsequently, follow up meetings will be scheduled to further discuss our plan and scheme the course of action.

Yes, of course! Our brilliant designers are proficient in web design and will awe you with fascinating ideas about presenting your product. There is a big difference between composing a printed piece and a webpage, but no worries, we specialize in doing precisely the latter.

Our web designers will act as a junction between the creation of a suitable layout for your products and improving the user experience. We also work with different marketing companies and freelancers, allowing us to choose the best-suited designer to fit your business needs.

Unfortunately not. There is a certain complexity involved, when different developers work on or reconstruct someone else’s code. We only maintain websites, which we have constructed and built.

Yes, and it will be entirely free! You own everything we develop for you, and if demanded – a complete backup will be provided for you.

We back up all of our customers’ websites on a secure external server, so if necessary, we can recover your site at no additional cost to you.

Absolutely! You will have full rights over the software which we build for you. The majority of our customers choose us to develop and maintain their website for as long as it exists, mainly due to the simplicity and straightforwardness of our customer support. Should you wish to go with another company after we develop your site – we will make sure your shift is as smooth as possible administering all accounts and information, as well as the full backup of your website.