The designing process includes your continuous guidance and approval of our presented ideas. It will not get to the point where you don’t like the design we have created for you since you will be completely involved in that process. Any design which we launch will be previously approved by you. As far as not liking presented ideas about the design – well, we will keep them coming until you are fully satisfied and assured, that this is the look you want to your website. If at any point, you decide that we cannot meet your business needs at all, we will refund your money.

Your current website won’t be affected since we develop your new website offline. After this one is launched, there is just a simple switch of the domain that needs to be done and voila! Your new website is ready!

We will provide you access to the backend of your website, where you will easily be able to add your desired products. We will develop it in such a fashion, so it is easy enough for you to do, and of course, show you exactly how to operate it.


You can modify your content such as texts, images, and videos. You will not be able to modify the layout of your website since there is a big risk of ruining it. Upon your request, our experienced web designers will reshape the web design.

Level757 can offer you a complete Web Maintenance Support Plan. We assist you in any minor or major adjustments, development issues or tasks, as well as content upkeep, which could be all undertaken at the ease of a phone call or an e-mail. For your convenience, you will additionally be offered the perks of Online Marketing. If you request to maintain the website yourself, a personalized web assembling software, Content Management Solution or CMS, can be precisely developed for you.

Yes and no. Our goal is to build a custom and exceptional website for you, in order for it to match the uniqueness of your business. Yet, should your budget be limited or should you request to use a ready-made template, we will oblige.

When hiring a web developer, we do not only check his background and projects, but also emphasize the importance of testing them individually and personally. Our web programmers all hold a prestigious European engineering degree in Computer Science or even a Masters one in the Engineering field. Additionally, we give priority to further training our designers and developers, because, in this technologically accelerating world and exponentially growing digitization, the only way to be up-to-date is to keep schooling our already qualified developers.

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design method used in the creation of websites with the focus on user experience enhancement. This means – to ease the use of the website in such a way, that it requires less scrolling and size adjustments on different devices (tablet, desktop, mobile) since the web page is “self-adjustable” or as the name reveals – “responsive”.

A sitemap is the layout of your navigation links. We will give you ideas and proposals about your sitemap, but ultimately you will be the one to decide what you want to include in it, respectively how it would reflect the individuality of your business.
Here is an example of a sitemap:
• Our team
• History
• News
• Products
• Services
• Design
• Print