“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten!!”


Custom website design and marketing campaigns with beauty and ideas

We specialize in building websites, softwares and creative online marketing campaigns that meet clear business goals and objectives and make deeper connections with your visitors than your competitors’ sites. Oh, and did we mention that our custom approach to your project makes your job easier?

Our people drive our innovation. And yours.

The ROI matters. Our team of developers is located in the beautiful city of Sofia, Bulgaria, until our core operation, sales and marketing forces are in the stunning Chicago, Illinois. This collaboration of highly skilled professionals here and abroad gives us the opportunity to offer unbeatable prices and high-quality services.

All about the client

Passionate about any kind of challenges! Very innovative, he knows exactly how to track the trends in your market. His response to provocations: ‘Impossible? I can.’

Nick Angelov


Well, not directly, but they will feel addressed, as I know about the best of both worlds – I understand exactly how to introduce and expose your business to the social media public.

Galina Petrova
Social Media Team Leader


Devoted to art, mixed up with business, this lady will ensure your Logo and your brand’s identity are presented in the most attractive of ways.

Kate Angelova
Designer Team Leader

Making Businesses Be Found Everywhere

Creates carefully elaborated strategies and is determined to push, carry and follow them through.
Dedicated to meet every one of your business needs, so you can be satisfied, other than successful.

Pancho Futekov
Marketing and Sales

Always on the top

Always try to go further. That is the only way to get ahead of the rest.

Angel Kovach
Local Marketer Pro

The ideas for your success

Clever and imaginative – Lisa’s talent is ingenuity. Easily inspired, she knows how to add the perfect proportions of innovation, creativity, and gravity into her work.

Lisa Seymour
Creative Director

Always On Time Or Its Not Me

Whether your business needs an application or support in web development, Jeff is the man for the job. Creating dynamic content using innovative frameworks and excellent development skills for the best user experience.

Jeff Kosta

My goal is your success

Her great analytical proficiency is exactly what your business needs, so you can reach and greatly exceed any of your targets. With many years of experience in Marketing, her expertise is here to impress you and your audience.

Asia Sadohin
Marketing & Sales